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Who are we ?

W3Cloud is the technology company built with passionate software developers with multitude of innovative ideas.

Our first initiative is to help the restaurants grow with our technology solution FoodALot which takes online food ordering and in-restaurant experience to the next level.


Our first initiative helping the restaurants to take online food orders.

  • Restaurant Owner signup information available at
  • View Menu and Order Food online from Restaurants around at
  • Innovative Order from Table solution for Restaurants – In Progress


Research Should Be Something You Are Passionate About 

                                                                             – Unknown

Other Exciting projects happening at W3Cloud:

  • Cloud solution for Drone Mission Planning
  • Crazy everyday projects using Raspberry Pi  
  • Creative “W3Push” to enhance In-restaurant customers
  • Re-Imagine the Greeting card with “Vaalthu
  • W3Cloud Academy to share our wealth of knowledge


Python Text to Speech

We use python module gTTS to convert any text to speech. This module uses Google text to speech engine to convert text to an mp3 file. Then we play the saved mp3 using the omxplayer. Installing gTTS This step is required only once. Go to the linux terminal window and...

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Lesson 11

Instant Challenges IC1. Get 2 integers and multiply Get two integers from user and print the product of the two numbers. Enter the first number: 3 Enter the second number 2: 5 Result: 15 IC2. Get 2 decimal values and multiply IC1 will fail, if you enter a decimal...

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Raspberry Pi Python Challenges

Some of these challenges will only involve writing python program, while others require building circuits as well. Difficulty level: Easy. Write a program that gets a string as input and prints the length of the string. Refer to

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Lesson 5

In the previous lesson, you leaned about building a LED circuit and controlling it from your python code. We even made the LED blink. Python Functions You can build your own functions and call it from multiple places. Breaking down into functions, improve the...

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