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Raspberry Pi Python Challenges

Some of these challenges will only involve writing python program, while others require building circuits as well. Difficulty level: Easy. Write a program that gets a string as input and prints the length of the string. Refer to

Lesson 5

In the previous lesson, you leaned about building a LED circuit and controlling it from your python code. We even made the LED blink. Python Functions You can build your own functions and call it from multiple places. Breaking down into functions, improve the...

lesson 4

Connecting LED   Turn on a LED import RPi.GPIO as GPIO import time ledPin=40 GPIO.setmode(GPIO.BOARD) GPIO.setup(ledPin, GPIO.OUT) GPIO.output(ledPin, GPIO.HIGH) time.sleep(5) GPIO.output(ledPin, GPIO.LOW) GPIO.cleanup() Blink an LED 20 times import RPi.GPIO as...