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W3Cloud Academy

Raspberry Pi training for kids

W3Cloud Academy

Raspberry Pi training for kids

W3Cloud Academy

Raspberry Pi training for kids.

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What is Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi is a credit-card-sized computer, invented by an UK based non-profit, Raspberry Pi foundation. It is used to inspire kids with computer programming and to teach the basics of electronics.

Current version is Raspberry Pi 3. It has a fast 1.2 ghz, quad-core processor. It comes with a decent 1GB RAM. Wifi / bluetooth are built-in. Powered by a Linux based operating system Raspbian.


What can we do with it?

We can do, so many things with a Raspberry Pi. Program in Python. Create video games with scratch. Build a robot, build cool electronic circuits. Use it as a media player.

Besides, we can use it more or less like a personal computer, like browsing internet, watch videos, create office documents, play games and more.

Raspberry Pi workshop

There are two classes. One for kids of ages 9-12 and another for 13+ teens.

One training session per week. Each session is 90 minutes. Starts at 6 pm and ends 7:30 pm weekdays. Teachers have several years of software development experience and are very passionate to inspire kids.



After successfully completing the required assignments and at-least 12 sessions, kids will be awarded with a Certificate, detailing their accomplishments.

Raspberry pi hardware, Assemble pi, install the OS, Programming concepts, flowcharts, Python programming with a modern IDE PyCharm, Examples and assignments, interfacing with Minecraft, Basic electronic concepts, build cool electronic circuits which are the basics of Robotics and other modern sciences. This is just an overview of all the topics. Your kids will be learning these over a period of time.


140$ for 4 session. That is just 35$ per session. Each session is 90 minutes. One session per week.

Maximum students per class 6.


Mason, OH.

6471 Evergreen Ct, Mason OH 45040

Education is not the learning of facts,

but the training of minds to think.” 

-Albert Einstein

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“A person who never made a mistake,

never tried anything new.” 

-Albert Einstein