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The National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show only happens once every year in the heart of Downtown Chicago. It is the largest business and idea exchange in the restaurant industry and is right around the corner.

FoodALot is proud to exhibit again this year for the 3rd time in a row with more innovative ideas to bring to the table !

Here are some reasons why you, as an attendee to the NRA Show, should come check us out on May 20-23 @ Booth # 10650:

1. Learn about the technology behind FoodALot

To all of restaurants, caterers and hotels out there, come watch our FoodALot system demo, to discover the technology, that could bounce your organization in the new technology era.

We will show how easily anyone can view your menu and order online / order from table (or from your hotel room) using the FoodALot iPhone / Android mobile app. See how seamlessly you can receive those orders, using a tablet and how quickly those orders get sent to your kitchen printer for your chefs to see.

2. See how you can engage your customers using our NEW Product РW3Push

Content is the Key for your organization’s ONLINE success! If it is User generated Content in conjunction with the growth of popular social media websites, its even better!! Check out our new add-on to our FoodALot mobile app, W3Push. Your in-restaurant customers can push photos and their favorite menu items to your big screen TV. The same post can be pushed to your website and social media sites as well.

3. Watch the World Culinary Showcase

The FoodALot booth #10650, is located right across the most popular exhibit at the event: The World Culinary Showcase. Here you’ll be able to meet and greet your favorite Food network stars like Rick Bayless, Anne Burrell and Maneet Chauhan. So come check out our FoodALot booth to get front-row seats to this amazing opportunity.

So Recharge & Rejuvenate!

We will see you May 20-23 in Chicago!

National Restaurant Association Show 2017